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Tariff valid from 16th Sep 2014

1 night / 2 day package per person per night


Resorts Foreigner Indian Includes Distance

Maharaja cot

Rs. 14687

Rs. 9544

Stay, Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast Jeep Safari, Coracle Ride,  Forest Entry Fees, Camera Fees and Taxes

230 Kms / 5Hrs

90 Kms / 2 Hrs


Rs. 14035

Rs. 8838


Rs. 12623

Rs. 7534

Tented Cottage

Rs. 11,423

Rs. 6280

Single Occupancy Charges

1 pax + 30% of pax


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Banana County Resort is situated in thick forest where you can enjoy beautiful nature, wonderful climate with absolutely quiet and pollution free environment.

Banana County Resort is an ideal place for relaxation and comfort, so that you can submerge in the wonderful ambience and serenity of green woods coupled with music of birds and varied animal life. The natural green and colorful surroundings and tranquil settings is an ideal location for the perfect holiday with friends and families. You can enjoy the finest in accommodation, personalized and prompt service at Banana County Resort

  • StSri Siddhiviniyakamandir
  • kavadikeri Lake
  • jenukalGudda (Sunset point and a very big green valley) and Magod falls…Enjoy a bite of Dharwad Pedha
  • Sathodi falls (This waterfalls is throughout the year, you can swim and play in the water,)
  • Sip Uttar Kannada's salted lassi for a soothing effect...
  • Visit our vanilla
  • Banana and Bettlenut plantation
  • drop at Hubli station.

Rock Climbing ,Water Sports,Jogging Track,Boating at River ,Jungle Safari ,Out Door Games,Indoor Games

We specialize in authentic, mouth watering Karnataka Cuisine. Try out our Karnataka delicacies specially prepared from hand picked garden fresh vegetables and sea food. We serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Prepared with hygiene of the highest order to meet our guests needs.

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