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Tariff valid from 16th Sep 2014

1 night / 2 day package per person per night

Bannerghatta Nature Camp - Close to Bangalore

Resorts Foreigner Indian Includes Distance


Rs. 6670

Rs. 4541

Stay, Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast, Herbivore Safari, Lion & Tiger Safari, Visit to Butterfly Park & Zoo & taxes

25 Kms / 1Hrs

Wooden Cottage

Rs. 6018

Rs. 3944

Swiss Tent

Rs. 5420

Rs. 2911


Rs. 4052

Rs. 1988

Single Occupancy Charges

1 pax + 30% of pax

Day Visit

Rs. 3292

Rs. 1282

Lunch, Tea / Coffee, Herbivoure Safari/ Lion, Tiger, Bear Safari, Visit to Butterfly Park & Zoo & Taxes


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Rating :

Bannerghatta Nature Camp - Bengaluru.
25kms from Bengaluru - 55Mins drive.

A Resort amidst sparwling nature reserve "Bannerghatta National Park" a Friendly Neighbourhood of Bangalore City, is a perfect weekend getaway for everyone. Lion and Tiger Safari is a major attraction for decades now. An Un-Spoilt, accessible overnight getaway and excellent venue interests Corporate Houses to conduct seminars, skill development program and get together for Teams.

Day1 : 12 noon Check-in followed by lunch, Grand safari, Visit to zoo, Wildlife Movie, Dinner.

Day2 : Morning Tea/Coffee, Guided nature walk into the herbivore area, Breakfast, Check-out(11:00 am).

  • Stay
  • Lunch
  • Dinner & Breakfast
  • Safari
  • Guided Treak
  • Wildlife movie
  • Forest Entry Fees & Taxes.

The Bannerghatta Nature Camp offers you the opportunity to satiate your desire for the best of the local cuisine at the buffet vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Continental and Chinese dishes are also available upon request.

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