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Tariff valid from 16th Sep 2014

1 night / 2 day package per person per night

Bheemeshwari Adventure Camp- Close to Nature-blore

Resorts Foreigner Indian Includes Distance

Bamboo Hut

Rs. 10470

Rs. 8365

Stay, Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast, Nature based activities Coracle Ride, Forest Entry Fees & Taxes. River Rafting at extra cost.

100 kms / 3 hrs

110 Kms / 3 Hrs


Rs. 9820

Rs. 6465

Loghut / Mud hut

Rs. 9112

Rs. 5866

Tented Cottages

Rs. 8515

Rs. 5159

Single Occupancy Charges

1 pax + 30% of pax

Day Visit

Rs. 3093

Rs. 1913

Trekking, Lunch, Burma loop walk, Coracle ride & taxes.


Rs. 4397

Rs. 2185

Zip line walk, Parallel walk, Burma loop walk, Elephant walk (a different type of rope walking technique 40 feet height from ground), Cat walk, Pool kayaking, Lunch, Coracle ride, Rappelling & taxes.

Rafting depends on water level. To conduct rafting minimum 4 -6 people required


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Rating :

Jungle Lodges and Resort - Bheemeshwari Adventure Camp - Muthathi, Mandya District.
100Kms away from Bengaluru - 2Hrs drive.

Winding through the rocky and woody landscape is River Cauvery - The most majestic and sacred river of South India. It's a home for "Masheer" - the finest & the largest tropical sporting fish known to man. Cushioned on the banks of river Cauvery is "Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp", a camp close enough for you to reach offers a unique slice of nature which is truly absorbing.

Day1 : 12:00 noon Check-in followed by lunch, evening Tea/Coffee, coracle ride, Campfire and Barbecue, Dinner.

Day2 : Morning tea/coffee, Guided trek or nature walk into the Wildlife Sanctuary, Breakfast, Check-out(11:00 am).

What is DAY VISIT ...? (10:00am to 5:00pm - Morning to Evening)
Check-In @ 10:00am Welcome Drink, Nature walk, Burma Loops, Buffet Lunch, Coracle Ride, Tea/Coffee with Snacks Check-Out @ 05:00pm. (All other Adventure activities will be charges extra the camp site)

What is Adventure Day Package: (ADP) ...? (10:00am to 05:00pm - Morning to Evening)
Check-In @ 10:00am Welcome Drink, Zip-Line, Burma Loops, Parallel Walk, Cat Walk, Elephant Walk, Rappelling, buffet lunch, Pool Kayaking (depends on water level), Coracle Ride, Tea/Coffee with Snacks Chick-Out @ 05:00pm.

  • Stay
  • Lunch
  • Dinner & Breakfast
  • Coracle Ride
  • Joy Fishing
  • Guided Treak
  • Forest Entry Fees
  • Camera Fees & Taxes.

Indulge yourself in a sumptous buffet of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine in an open-to-sides dining area.

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