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1 night / 2 day package per person per night

Om Beach Resort - Gokarna. JUNGLE LODGES &RESORTS

Resorts Foreigner Indian Includes Distance


Rs. 4,200

Rs. 2,800

Stay, Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast ,VISIT TO BEACH. TEMPLE.   Fees, Camera Fees and Taxes

630 Kms / 5Hrs

200 Kms / 3 Hrs










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1 pax + 30% of pax


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Om Beach Resort - Gokarna.
517 Kms from Bengaluru - 8Hrs drive.

Close to the famous Om Beach, this resort specializes in professional Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and meditation while providing luxurious accommodations. The Om Beach Resort in Gokarna is a joint venture between Jungle Lodges & Resorts, the government of Karntaka and the Kairali Group – a winning combination of experience and vision. The huge and stylishly decorated rooms have beach and hill views, satellite television and Internet access. The resort has a qualified therapists for a wide range of treatments. The railway station is only 20 kilometers away and the nearest airport is 135 kilometers from the resort. The Kairali Om Beach Resort, Mangalore is one of the most well known resorts, which is often selected by the travelers to the Mangalore city of Karnataka. This resort provides premium-quality hotel facilities to both the two main types of visitors to the city. They include the people who visit the city on a leisure tour and those who go there on a business tour. The Tadadi village near Gokarna has a fishing harbour and a fish processing plant which was set up by a team of experts from Denmark. The Danish team that worked at Tadadi resided in Konkan style cottages built on the slopes of a hill overlooking the valley. These rustic cottages are now converted into the Om Beach Resort that overlooks the intimidating horizon.With a unique blend of the ancient and the modern, Gokarna is a destination with a difference.

Day1 : 12:30 noon check-in followed by lunch,Tea/Coffee, Visit to Om Beach, Campfire followed by dinner.

Day2 : Tea/Coffee, Visit to Mahabaleshwar temple, Breakfast, Check-out.

  • Stay
  • Lunch
  • Dinner & Breakfast
  • Nature walk
  • visit to temple and taxes. (Water sports activities are at extra cost)

There is a restaurant in the Kairali Om Beach Resort, Mangalore, which offers a variety of delicious dishes according to the different tastes of the guests.

The restaurant menu includes names of delicacies from across the globe.

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